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    PurgeX®™ Used to Assist in the Cleaning up of Plastics Processing Equipment.

   PurgeX®™ has been Used Successfully by Australian and International Polymer Processors for Many Years.

   PurgeX®™ is Registered Trade Mark for a Range of Purging Compounds.

These Satisfied Customers Attest to the Benefits of Using PurgeX®™ in their Process.


PurgeX®™ Grades

  • PurgeX®™ T For Injection Moulding (except where openings are less than 1.5mm)
  • PurgeX®™ S For Extrusion, Blow Moulding, and Injection Moulding with Openings Less than 1.5mm
  • PurgeX®™ R For Hot Runner Systems with a Minimum Clearance of 0.75mm
  • PurgeX®™ A For Injection Moulding and Extrusion 

How PurgeX®™ Works

PurgeX®™ is a granular material that is blended in with a small amount of the polymer that you are using and fed into a starved screw/barrel.

The blended material is processed through your equipment at similar temperatures and revs to typical run conditions for the carrier polymer.

The PurgeX®™ material softens slightly, but does not melt, and thoroughly loosens carbonized and degraded resin, allowing the polymer to flush out the system.

This makes it particularly useful for:

  • Cleaning color from your equipment
  • Cleaning polymer from your equipment
  • Removing carbon build-up and black specks
  • Regular preventative maintenance
  • Before manual cleaning

PurgeX®™ Products

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