Glowstone® ECO

GLOWSTONE®™ ECO Stone is an Inorganic Stone, Based on Luxilum® Pigment and a Glassy Carrier Medium. When Exposed to Light Sources, the Photoluminescent Pigment Within the Glowstone® Becomes Chemically Excited and will After-Glow (i.e. Glow In The Dark).

Available in Glow Colour Yellow-Green Sky Blue and Aqua Blue.

Glowstone®™ ECO Provides a Medium Glow Level Aggregate but is Cost-Effective Than Glowstone®™ 25.

GLOWSTONE® is Registered Trade Mark & Business Name for a Range of Glow Stone.

Particle Sizes

Available Size: 6 – 20 mm.

Other Specific Size Ranges are Available, Subject to Order Volume


GLOWSTONE®™ ECO is Easy to Use in a Homogenous Mix or as a Surface Topping for Concrete Paths, Steps and Terrazzo Floors.

GLOWSTONE® can be Used as an Additive into Pebble Paving or Loose Laid into Gravel Paths. 

GLOWSTONE® Looks and Acts Like Quartz, Yet is Able to Glow In The Dark to Provide that Special Night-Time Effect.

Glowstone® in Concrete Tiles

Added to the surface pour of the concrete tile, it can be exposed by lightly blasting the cured tile surface.

Glowstone® in Terrazzo Tiles

In Terrazzo Tiles the GLOWSTONE®is Pressed Into the Surface of the Uncured Tile. After Curing, the Tiles Can be Ground and Polished as Normal.

Luminance Strength of GLOWSTONE®

GLOWSTONE®™ ECO can be Manufactured in a Range of Photoluminescent Pigment Strengths. Grades with Medium Pigment Content have a Cost-Efficient but also have Stronger Initial After-Glow and will have a Medium Duration of Glow.