PurgeX®™A  is Cell Cast Acrylic in granular form. As distinct from the T, S and R grades, PurgeX®™ grade is typically used in unblended form (i.e. at 100%) in extrusion and compounding processes.

PurgeX®™A  provides a gentle scrubbing effect to the screw and barrel and removes build up of carbonised material.

PurgeX®™A  softens but does not melt, therefore it provides a scrubbing effect – it does not scratch or wear the screw or barrel.

Suggested Purging Procedure:

  1. Adjust temperature if necessary. Suggested temperature range for purging is 240-260°C.
  2. Starve screw and barrel of current material.
  3. Add PurgeX®™ in slow, continuous manner into hopper.
  4. Flush out PurgeX®™A  with next material to be processed.

Nozzles, dies and screen packs should be removed during purging to avoid blockages unless opening is large enough to allow acrylic particles to pass through in softened form (approx 2.0-2.5mm).